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Published by admin on January 17, 2017

Travel Fairs For 2017

The following is a list of International Tourism & Travel Fairs which Tanzania Tourist Board will coordinate and participate in for the period of January to June 2017.   No Name of the Fair Date Participation fee in USD 1 Dutch Expo, Vakantiebeurs, Utrecht, Netherlands January 11th to 15th 2017 Single $ 2,800 2 The…

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Published by admin on January 14, 2017

Keyword Choice

When you are writing content and designing a digital marketing plan for your company always make sure your keywords are set beforehand. Should you always go for the easy simple keywords? Quite simply, no! We can use Google trends to compare keywords and their general searches over time. Below you can see that over the…

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6th Edition of the Tanzania Cultural Tourism Booklet

Published by admin on January 12, 2017

Tanzania Cultural Tourism Guide

The Tanzania Tourist board has just published the 6th Edition of the Tanzania Cultural Tourism Guide. This booklet will give you an insight into the daily lives of the 120 Tanzanian tribes; highlighting their diverse and rich cultural heritage. Through the Cultural Tourism Programme, visitors will get the opportunity to encounter authentic culture and get to experience…

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Published by admin on January 8, 2017

Booking.com – should I or should I not!

Booing.com has revolutionised the way people book their hotel rooms throghout the world. Studies have show that over 50% of all bed nights in European hotels are booked through booking.com The main question now is will it and does it work for the Tanzania tourism and safari industry. Benefits of using Booking.com Why is Booking.com so…

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Published by admin on January 3, 2017

The Tanzania Effect

A great opportunity for viral marketing of the Tanzania brand which was never really followed through. Paul Allen, the one time partner of Bill Gates at Microsoft, visited Tanzania and for an undisclosed amount began the painting of a Tanzania mural in the North end of the CenturyLink Field. All Seattle teams playing at home at…

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Published by admin on January 25, 2016

12th UN World Tourism Organisation Awards

East Africa Tourism Platform (EATP) comprising the tourist boards of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi have been awarded 1st runner up in the award for Excellence and Innovation in Tourism. The EATP were praised at th ceremony in Madrid, SPain for its multi destination knowledge management tool that helps people package tourism products without…

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