Published by admin on January 8, 2017 – should I or should I not! has revolutionised the way people book their hotel rooms throghout the world.

Studies have show that over 50% of all bed nights in European hotels are booked through

The main question now is will it and does it work for the Tanzania tourism and safari industry.

Benefits of using

Why is so good for the end user:

  • 1000’s of hotels to offer  a full choice
  • a free app
  • a no-charge cancellation policy. has one aim for it’s customers and that is to provide them with the best possible price for a hotel room – more people book with and the company has the highest customer satisfaction rates of independent travel websites, mainly due to competitiveness of pricing. Price Obsession – great for the client but not for you!

So as a hotel owner is great – it brings you in reservations but you are always selling at your lowest price and often competing with rivals on price point alone.

Basic commission is 15% if you want to be a preferred member and thus have a better position on the first page of a destination then you need to pay 20%, or more depending on location (and competition nearby!)

This 20% can be over-ridden and some hotels are known to pay over 40% commission to be top of the rankings.


As a hotel owner you must realise that you may make revenue from reservations but these will not necessarily be at the best rates and you will have no bargaining power. protecting themself are always introducing new policy which further makes the relationship uneven

Recent examples include:

1) can now automatically resell a  room cancelled by one of their guest.

2) keeps all the contact details for the customer to themselves – no sharing for future marketing.

While these may have valid reasons to

1) resell to protect their commission

2) prevents direct contact between hotels and customers.

It still seems a little unfair.

What to do is great and has its uses; just remember to balance your presence through hotel digital marketing

You need understand how to use for their benefit, but not be overly dependent on it and increase bookings through a hotel digital marketing strategy.

It’s important to have a multi-channel digital marketing strategy that gives hotels digital presence.

This could include:

  • High converting, great looking website
  • Using multi channels to sell
  • Mobile optimisation and an app
  • Harvesting and analysing past guest data
  • Social networks to increase exposure

For more on digital marketing in Tanzania see Travel E-Marketing



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