Published by admin on January 21, 2016

Cultural Tourism

Cultural tourism – focuses on the lfestyle of the people of an area as opposed to the wildlife and natural landscapes. Cultural tourism was little appreciated until the late 90’s and now the World Tourism Organisation predicts that 37% of worldwide tourism is cultural.

Times are changing in Tanzania also¬†cultural tourism initiatives are being promoted across the country by TTB through the Cultural Tourism Programme based in Arusha. It’s national coordinator Mr Elirehema Maturo has registered 60 cultural tourism projects already and there are¬†92 are awaiting inspection and approval.

With many vast and unique ways of life in Tanzania this provides a great entry for small scale tourism to penetrate village level throughout the country and provide a good livelihood.

Cultural programs involving the more famous tribes of the Maasai and Hadzabe have been in place for a long time however new smaller cultural programs are opening up including bee keeping and tending in Tanga and Salt Farm visits and learning in Kilwa.


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