Published by admin on November 23, 2015

Tanzania Tour Operator Licence – time for renewal

All Tourism Operator Licenses in Tanzania expire on the last day of the year; 31 December. To carry on with tourism activities companies must apply now for a new licence.



 1.  For CITIZEN owned companies at least 3-5 copies of vehicle registration cards under business name and for  NON CITIZEN, at least 10 copies of vehicle registration cards under    business name.

2.  Vehicle inspection report.

3.  Comprehensive insurance covers for the vehicles

4.  Copy of 2015 license (For renewals)

5.  Copy of TIN Number from TRA


1.      Certificate of Incorporation/Registration from Brela

2.      Tin Number from TRA

3.     Memorandum and Articles of Association

4.      Vehicle registration cards under business name.

Please download your Application form for Registration and Licence to operate as a Tourism Operator here