Published by admin on January 8, 2016

TTB Making Changes

Currently the country attracts 1.1 million tourists per year and this is wanted to be increased to 3 million within two years.

Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Prof Jumanne Maghembe has promised to release more funds which will allow this to happen. With the funds his steps are:

  1. Finalise hotel classification levels
  2. Finalise re-branding of Tanzania to¬†‘Tanzania, the Soul of Africa’
  3. Repay international media debt of 3,700,000,000/ Tanzanian Shillings
  4. Begin advertising new brand on CNN and BBC

Ms Mdachi, Tanzania Tourist Board acting manager has said worries are also due to a lack of national airline carrier and that an amount of 15 billion Tanzania Shillings is required to brand.


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